I 'm daily browsing the net for new ideas and creative input. Last week my surf tour passed this interesting website:

knit a square





This charity organisation is looking for squares  of 8" X 8" or 20 X 20 cm either knitted or crochetted, to make blankets for children whom are infected by HIV and are living in poverty.

I'm hoping to inspire you via my blog to participate and make a knitted/crochetted contribution. Why wouldn't you, you can do what you like best: Be creative, knit/crochet, use stash or scraps to make something to help somebody.

A dollar lasts a day, blankets are for life.

It costs only the price of a standard international stamp and empower local communities to make a difference.

Millions of babies and children around the world live in poverty and are cold. If you love knitting, (and crocheting) then knitting for charity is a wonderful way to help make a child or baby blanket to keep these children warm.

Knit/crochet and send just one square (or more) and it will join thousands of other knitted squares from around the world to be joined into blankets for these children,
many of whom are affected by HIV.

Lachen If you want to crochet a square:


Lachen If you prefer to knit a square:


Lachen For posting instructions:


More info can be found by clicking on the logo above. How to send, How big, which yarn to use, patterns,...

Please do join in

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Hooked ?

Yes, I think I'm hooked. After seeing all that beautifull stuff at Attic 24's blog, I got hooked and started on the hexagon blanket. I'm up to 6 of 159 hexagons.

In the meantime I also started crochetting on the Babette Blanket and it's totally addictive. I decided to make mine in different shades of Noro Kureyon. I really like how it looks.

Picture 004

Well I like how the squares look  Lachen because there is still a lot to crochet and then have to sew everything together. I'm hoping to finish the Babette by the end of March at the latest so keep posted for more pics.

This weekend I decided to try out Lucie's (Attic 24) Carrot cake. I can't compare with other carrot cakes 'cause it's the first I ever tasted, but I loved it ! The recipe is to be found here and it's easy peasy. Here's my result : I like the little touch of spring with the daffodils in the background.



Picture 008

My BF made a delicious cup of coffee with whipped milk to go with the cake and lit some candles for even more atmosphere.


Picture 010


 Life can be great!

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