Twice a month

Yep, here I am again.

I've been working hard and have another WIP to show off. Today I finished the top of Moda Fresh air disappearing 9 patch. Easy and fun to make. I assembled the quilt top in just a few days.


 and fresh2


Made with 2 charm packs and a few strips of a jelly roll to make the border all in beatifull ' Fresh Air' by Moda. I was a little afraid to cut the fabric as I liked it so much but I'm more then happy with the result. The colors are great. More to come soon.

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I know promises, promises. To make it up, here's the full story of what I've been up to.

It all started with swapbot and the round robin travelling journal swap, I was in. I met some great new people via internet thanks to this swap. And one of them was Mediathinker, who happens to live in Japan (Tokyo).

My journal got of track for a while and I mailed back and forth with Media to check up on things. Faith wanted it to be that I was lucky to travel to Japan and one thing lead to another. Media and I decided to meet up irl in Tokyo. In the meantime my journal arrived in Japan also.

mediaWe had a great time and of course we went shopping for the greatest stuff. I LOVE JAPAN, I love sushi and I love Japanese culture and fabric.

 It was there and than that I found the final touch to my Bathing ladies: the towel fabric

(wel, any excuse is fine to go to Japan) Knipoog 


and here they are . . .

More pictures can be found on flickr.



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Once a month

A blog entry once a month, I wish I could do better but I can live with it.

 I've been busy with various project. Today I will show you the result of my second year caligraphy. The task was a work inspired by Mondriaan and drippings. 

 PS I will soon be showing you some of my Tilda projects I've been working on ; )





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Almost 1000 visitors

Thanks to all for dropping by. I never could have imagened I would have so much readers.

I would love to have some comments so don't feel shy Smile, you're welcome to post here.

 To encourage you to leave a comment I'm putting together a little give away.A surprise package. I stilll have to work it out but I'll keep you posted. In the mean time start commenting.

To inspire you I'm posting a little calligraphy work I made for my calligraphy class.  Enjoy!


PS I discovered a wonderfull blog go check this one out :


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Tilda Hus quilt pictures !

I made it, technology is great ! The top of the quilt is ready. Quilting is soon to come.

Enjoy !









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Still here but bussy



I'm still here but there's too much going on. Christmas was great. I got some really wonderfull presents from my friends and family. My 2 favorit  were the handsfree carkit (so I can talk even more than I already do ; ) ) and the other was the Christmas friends book from Lynette Anderson.

I started to make the first block (3 penguins) and I love it. The tilda quilt is getting there. I took some pictures, but have to figure out how to get them from my mobile to my PC before I can show them off to you all.

These last days I'm mostly busy beating of the extra added kilos from the past Holidays and New years reception. You know what I'm talking about, please say you do. And studying for my Spanish exam. (4th and last year)

So don't worry I haven't forgotten my promise to post the pictures, I'm working on it.


CU soon



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Happy Holidays and see you again in 2008


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Works in Progress

I'm sorry to inform you that I haven't been able to take pictures of the Tilda quilt yet, but I'm getting there. Last Tuesday I spend a day at The Cosy Cottage putting the final hand to it. I'm almost there.

But entering a beautifull shop like the Cosy Cottage is dangerous. Spending a day in there is deadly for your budget. I saw an awesome quilt I just want to make : Lynette Anderson's friendsforchristmas'Friends for Christmas'

 This will be my project for Christmas 2008.

You can look at some postcards I made for the Chinese New year swap on flickr here


I'll do my best to post some more pictures soon

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Last day of November

Last day of November and looking forward to December.

I haven't forgotten about blogging but am working my *** off to get my Tilda quilt ready for the holidays

I started to work on this last spring and it is a fun project to do but rather intencive: appliqué and embroidering. The result will be awesome though (I hope). Furthermore I'm working on some Christmas gifts and my home made knitted monkee. This weekend I'm going to put up my Christmas tree and I promise to post some pics soon of all the projects I'm working on ; ) Read you all soon.



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I proudly present...

Here she is . . . The one and only . . .  blushy cheeks and hot buns . . .


(YEEEEEEEEHhhhhhh-crowd sheers-Yeehhhhehe)


Pattern from : http://anapaulaoli.etsy.com/  The yarn I used for the body parts : Punto n°5 by Schachenmayer, the hair and shoes: Merino2000 n°436 by Lana Grossa and the dress : Bamboo n°15 by Katia. In order to make the hair I crocheted a chain and sew it on to the head. Her cheeks are made with Versa color ink (color n°57 old rose)

My Tilda books : Tilda Julehus and Tilda Christmas ornaments arrived in the mail this week. These are great books that I will be using very often.

 Also the new Christmas edition of Marie clair Idées is out. It's a French magazine with a lot of inspirational mojo and wonderfull projects to make. Like these little angels that will be hanging in my tree this Christmas if I get to making some ; ) angel

I'm working on some other projects that I will be posting about very soon.

Oh and before I forget this arrived in the mail too ; )

monkeybagMy very own Monkey bag bought at the brand new shop Of Monkeys for you by Monkeemaker. Filled with some delicious chocolates ; )

Looks like santa is coming early this year.

 CU all soon


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Happy Halloween










 I'm working hard to finish up some WIPs and it's going well. Anatolia has almost got her hair done and I will try to mail a pic of her on Sunday. The wisp I'm knitting is reaching it's final rows. And my swap projects are up to date. What more can a person ask for. 

I wanted to share a wonderfull blog with you : Monkee maker She knits the most wonderfull stunt monkees and has a hilarious blog. Check her out and say hi from me ; )


Have a scarry HAllOWEEN and hope to see you all soon - Boooooooooh !

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Getting back on track

Yesterday I posted out my cap For Kendal to Tracey Beach. She provided me with the pattern and it was easy and fun to make. It was the first cap/hat I ever knitted but they are rather small projects to knit so I can handle them in 2 days aprox., that is if nothing else gets in the way.

 I promised you a picture of it so here it goes : chemo

My little niece (7 years) liked it so much that she asked me to make one for her too. What else has an auntie to do Knipoog

 Might turn out as a Christmas present Verzegeld


I'm crazy about Tilda and found this great site (in French- but check out the pictures anyway if you don't speak French ) : http://tildaaddicts.canalblog.com/ and an English one : http://tildaddict.wordpress.com/ with lot's of other Tilda addicts.

craft christmas giftsI couldn't resist to order this book on Alibris (€11,83) shipping cost included. Cheaper to buy it online than to buy it in Belgium ( € 32,00) and it has some very nice sewing projects in it all Tilda wonders. I can hardly wait to see it arrive in the mail.




Finally one more picture of Barcelona. To give you an idea of who's talking here. Hasta luego. churos

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Some Barcelona pic's to start with


BCN  bcn2< -- Eating churros con chocolate in a real Churreria.


<- Geese at Le Cathedral 

bcn4Look over the Placa España






Window of la Sagrada Familia


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So much to do,so little time

The title says it all. I'm involved in way too many things at the moment and I'm trying to keep up with this blog too.

How can people ever be bored, I always wonder.

Every project has been put aside for this

I read about it at  Sheep in the City's blog and felt like I could make a difference in someones life. So I skipped a few swaps and added this project in to knit at least one cap to send. If you feel like joining in please do. The more the merrier.

My little niece (7 years) spotted my finished hat (will post pictures next time) and begged me to have one of her own. So I know what to do.

Anatolia is still waiting for cheeks and some hair. The wisp is going to be a swapproject to be and I'm already thinking about my winter knitting and chunky books to come.

Besides all my plans I promise to post some pictures of wonderfull Barcelona next ime. As soon as I've prepared my Spanish class debate, done my impro training, ironed, washed my laundry,whiped the floor and done my 9 to 5,6 or 7 job .

 Like I said so much to do, so little time ; )

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Holiday !

My crafting is slowing down a little. I made some chuncky pages and did some knitting on my wisp but most of the time is going to either : work or preparing for my little trip to Barcelona.

I'm looking forward to an exciting experience, to discover a new culture and city. But most of all I crave for some sunshine. While in Belgium we are looking into our fall wardrobe, Barcelona still has a tempting temperature of 27°C (75°F). Cool

So this weekend I'll start packing and then I'm off for some days.

But for you few readers I'll give you something to remember me LOL



 you can find more of my chunky pages by clicking on my Matroushka

CU later

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Finally I made it to scan some pics. To bad I don't have a digital camera (yet).

Here's a snapshot of my WIP wisp :


The wisp is a pattern you can find for free @ knitty. Easy to make even for a beginning knitter. There are 9 pattern rows to follow and 6 rows garter stitch. just follow the link and start knitting ; )http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer07/PATTwisp.html

I've also been working on some chuncky bird pages for the swap I'm hosting @ swapbot . I'm kind off hung at these chunkcky pages they are so much fun to do. The possibilities are endless and a little more challenging than ATC's. Who doesn't love birds.



My crochetted doll is almost finished has her buns and legs sewn on. Al she needs now is some more hair, her face poudered before she will show her to you ; )



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Out of order


 In an attempt at being more sportive and getting more excercice I hurt my right arm while inline skating. Nothing broken though, just an open wound which made it hard to do any crafting.

 So, the Knitty scarf hasn't progressed and neither has my crocheted doll. But as the wound is healing nicely I will make up for lost time soon and will be able to put some pictures of my projects online after the weekend.

If you feel like crafting yourself and love chunky pages/books, check out the Winter themed chunky book I'm hosting at the moment @ swapbot : http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/6724 The former swap hosted by Windchimes has been cancelled and I was really looking forward to making this one.

 Other Chunky swaps I'm hosting can be found here : http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/6021 (bird themed) and here: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/6133 (Matroushka/Russian doll theme)

 If you like to receive and send Christmascards, don't forget to sign up for this swap : http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/6375

 Hope you will join me there. CU

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S*itty - Knitty summer

If some of you might ever wonder what Belgium weather is like I would probably say whimsical. We've had some really nice weather last weekend-up  to 30°C but since tuesday temperatures dropped 'a little' or as much as 13.5°C. I even considered for a moment to look up my winter garment again.

But instead I found some yarn and knitting pens and casted on Knitty's Wisp.(free pattern). My version will be in lilac. Although purple tones aren't really my cup of tea I like the delicate look of it in this design. I'll try to post a picture soon.The pattern looks difficult but actually is rather simple. Great idea for a present as it knits easily and fast and looks so sophisticated.

Just heard the weather forecast for the weekend, it's warming up again, let's hope at least it won't rain.

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I'm working on Anatolia from Anapoulaoli at the moment. Found it on Etsy,you can buy the pattern here. It's a rather easy pattern to crochet, but I did have to adjust her head 'cause it turned out way to big.


This is what she should look like in the end ; ). My Anatolia still has to have her legs sewn on and her buns made. I'll be posting some pictures as soon as her cheeks are blushing .

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My very first time


I finally made it ! My very first blog entry ever. After reading so many wonderfull creative blogs I decided Ito give it a go and start my own.

Let me introduce myself. I'm Nathalie, 32 year, single, aunt of 2 wonderfull children and owner of my dearest Cosmo (a beagle)

I'm a working girl and in my free time I like to craft. Any kind of craft : knitting, crochetting, ATC's, chunky books, Caligraphy, quilting,...you name it.

In the time to come I hope to show you some of my art work and tell you something about every day life in Belgium.

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