My beautifull ripple

Finally it's all done. It ate aprox 29 skeins of gorgeous Rowan Cashoft DK. I loved making this beauty. Have a look and enjoy !




Go ahead and make your own it's worth the effort The pattern can be found on attic24 (the link to Lucy's blog is to be found on the right here)



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Nath, its beeeeeeeeeeeeeautiful!!!!
The colours are so soft and pretty and snuggly...you deserve to be very proud. LOvElY!!!!

Gepost door: lucy@Attic24 | 15-04-10

It's gorgeous Nathalie! I'm sure you'll spend loads of time on your couch now! :) Mine is on hold as we speak - enjoying the weather outside so much at the moment! :)

Gepost door: Mitsy | 16-04-10

GORGEOUS! It's amazing, I can't stop looking at it x x x x x

Gepost door: Heather | 24-04-10

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