February... euhm March already

How time flies. Working hard on my WIP's and did finish another one : my ripple blanket. I am using the scraps to make a matching pillowcushion. Looking good, isn't it? The pattern was found on ravelry and is called scrumptious afghan by Dott Matthews.

 temp2010 007

Still working on my other ripple when I stranded as a lack of yarn stash ( go figure). In other words need to buy more yarn to finish it. But I will only need to do 30 more stripes to get it done or 60 rows. So yes the end is near.

Then my Christmas stocking cross stitch is getting there slowly. You can find some pics on flickr.

Last but not least, on my daily search ( read queste) to find new inspiration on the internet I encountered this site: http://cannelle-vanille.blogspot.com/ 

Just click on the recipes tab to start baking your own.There goes my diet as everything looks delicious and is just waiting to be tested by little ol'me very soon ;)

Enjoy! and see you soon.


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