First update of 2010

Do you remember these?

wol 006

 Well it's not finished yet but up till now these are starting to look like this :

dec 007

1/3 done and working hard to get it finished. Although the process of rippling is very addictive and easy,the color sequence isn't. I'm trying to get the right feel and sometimes that means ripping out some rows and starting over again.

In the meantime I started on another ripple where I don't seem to have that problem. Have a look


dec 002

The yarn is from Bergere the France. (€ 2.69/skein on sale) and the colors are olivine, elephant, orque, marinier, lineaire and persan. Love how this is turning out.


Last but not least I've been working on my Christmas stocking as if Christmas is around the corner. I love this. The design is from Birds of a feather - special delivery (ordered at silverneedle). I didn't follow the colorsheme but like how it looks. It's cross stitched on self dyed Aida 14  cloth. (Dylon Koala brown A29) with a combination of DMC floss and Weeks dye works floss

dec 005


and one in detail

dec 006


So far for now. Keeping my 2010 resolution of getting some WIP's done so far : )See you soon

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just found your blog...love your ripples, the colours look fine to me, I have just finished a ripple blanket myself then with all the odd bits of wool left over I'm making a granny square blanket.

your cross stitch is lovely too xx

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