Trick or Treat with a bit of delay

In my series of finished WIP this is my second to show. It has been hanging on my door for a couple of weeks now and before I put it away until next year I'd like to share it with you.

(The pattern is from Helga Mandl bought at creative poppy)

wol 013


PS For the eye-for-detail-readers you might wonder why I added the witches hats? Well, clumsy me spilled some glue on the fabric while assembling the hangers. But feels to me like a good camouflage job Stoer


PS2 For those of you who are still/always looking for a freebie project for the holidays, Check this out: http://gumtreedesigners.blogspot.com/

CU soon for more finished stuff

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Love it! They're some great stripey tights.

Gepost door: Sarah B | 21-11-09

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