I promised you ( I know , for a while now) Schamen     to show you my finished WIP's.

Well today is the first in a series of finished WIP's.

I proudly introduce to you my one and only    (for now)

... .... .... drums   please   ..... ... .... ....  


wol 009

wol 012

A close up to show you how beautifull these Noro colors are.

wol 011

And a close up from the border. I finished it off with a lobster stitch, not really mentioned in the pattern but I like how it tops off this gorgeous pattern. Gives it a really finishing almost shop-bought-touch.

wol 010


Hope you liked this eye candy as much as I like this blanket and I really really really LOVE it. I used several Noro colors in both Kureyon and Silk garden. It didn't feel soft enough at first but after a wash (yes in the washing machine- wool programm) and some softner it didn't only smell wonderfull but feels very nice too.


So much for now. See you soon for some more finished stuff

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Wow That is one of the most beautiful handmade items I have ever seen, it's just gorgeous! How long did it take you to make? I would love to have something like that on my bed but I'm never going to be clever enough to make one. Congratulations!

Gepost door: the green gal | 03-11-09

That's one spectacular blanket! I'm sure it was well worth the hours of crocheting and sewing it all together. It's a heirloom blanket now. :)

Gepost door: Salihan | 03-11-09

Wow, it's absolutely gorgeous, Nathalie! I'm curious what a lobster stitch is though 'cause I'm close to finish off my Babette and will start trying colors for the edge soon... will google for sure! Can't wait to see your progress on your ripple - we will have to encourage each other as I'll start mine in a few weeks! :)
My yarn arrived and it's beautiful although I'm sure it's not so soft as your Rowan yarn! ;)

Gepost door: Mitsy/ArtMind | 04-11-09

wonderful blanket, you did a great job, and the colors are beautiful!!!

Gepost door: Helen | 05-11-09

you did a wonderful job!! this blanket is gorgous!! love the colors too!

Gepost door: Helen | 05-11-09

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