The weather is turning colder and my yarn is calling for me to be turned into gorgeous blankets.

I've been progressing on my Babette and am happy to say I will soon present it to you. Just need to add a couple of squares and add the border. It's looking great already.

Further my Event plaid is meshed up and yesterday I started to weave the strands up and down the mesh. My mom passed by and was eyeing the  tartan to be. Think I'll have to make another one soon. Lachen

No pics yet, just a little patience...soon now, very soon. Probably next week.

But I do have some eyecandy as I bought my yarn for the Attic 24 inspired ripple CAL.

wol 006

A mix of Rowan Cashsoft Dk and 4ply, Pure wool DK, Lang Thema Nuova and Merino superwash and Bergere de France Origin.

Gorgeous hm. Want to see some more?

wol 007

With you drooling at the look of these yummy yarns, I'll leave you and see you soon with some finished projects.

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Beautiful colours. I find Attic 24 very inspiring too. I can't wait to see your Babette blanket. :) Happy crocheting!

Gepost door: Salihan | 22-10-09

Love everything about this yarn. I see a great Luce ripple coming in the future. Keep us posted.

Gepost door: The Garden Bell - Kate | 23-10-09

Virus Hallo Nathalie!

Dank je voor je reactie op mijn blog.
Ik wil ook niet genezen van dit virus, het maakt me zoooo blij!
Nadeel van deze "ziekte", is dat het haakwerk 's avonds zo moeilijk is neer te leggen. Ik lig regelmatig te laat in mijn bed....
Ik heb de link van je blog in mijn lijstje gezet, ik zal vaker bij je komen kijken!
Veel plezier met je ripples!


Gepost door: Karin | 25-10-09

Hello! I'm just checking out some 12Days student blogs, and very much liking the look of yours. That basket of yarn is so beautiful - the colours are especially wonderful - and will definitely be checking back to see what you turn them into!

Gepost door: Kirsty | 28-10-09

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