October already !?

This year is going by so quick. As it seems I just don't get around doing the things I want to do. Well, might be because I have way too many ideas in my head and getting more and more inspiration every day.

Like the other day I was surfing on the net, I encountered this:


Lovely aren't they. Especially the top one caught my eye. 

I've been wanting to make an event plaid for a while but couldn't decide on the colors until I saw these. 

So here is my version so far, the mesh is nearly ready and some extra wool is ordered to start the weaving. Finished result will be up soon

I used Rowan Pure Wool 4Ply in Sage, Eau de Nil and Porcelaine and DB Baby Cashmerino (stash).Love the yarn and love the colors. Too bad my camera doesn't grab the beauty as well as I'd like to.

diverse 004

(pattern on demand- in short it's working up a mesh from dc and then weaving through vertically so you'll obtain a tartan look)

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love the beginnings of your tartan blanket!

Gepost door: sarah london | 14-10-09

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