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A sneak peak of my new crochet blanket to be. I'm combining two patterns. One I got from a friend on Ravelry and another I found in the latest Lucinda Guy crochet book. The blanket will consist of circles connected with smaller circles.

I'm using Rowan's All seasons cotton in the colors Ravish, Lime,Wisteria and Gay. This last one is discontinued. So mainly Purple, blue and Green colors.

And it looks like I'm in my purple/green period as I also started a little Chanel-style cardigan. Following a FREE pattern from Fillati magazine. The yarn used is Croisette print by Lana Grossa and Omega by Lang.

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More green for my Sis. Making this crossstitch to put on an apron for her. I found the text somewhere on the net, but don't remember where (if anybody can help me please do so I can reference it). The Snoopy in progress is my own design.

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And I started making Christmas presents too. This guest towel will go under the tree.

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To early you say? Look who I ran into while visiting Köln a couple of weeks ago Knipogen

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Oh and for those of you wondering how my diet is going. I lost 2,5 kg so far and still sticking to it.

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Pretty purples, reminds me of lilacs!

Gepost door: june at noon (gretchen) | 09-07-09

The bitch switch is excellent & hooray for getting results with the diet.

Gepost door: Kirsty | 09-07-09

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