The Good news show

HERE IT IS : the finished, wonderfull, awesome, worth-every-effort, gorgeous, colorfull, short-for-words, my version of the Hexagon blanket.




And there's more , I lost 0.5kg. Although it took me 2 weeks, it's a loss of weight and I'm still going. Slowly as a turtle but well the slower it gets off the better it stays off ; )

I'm working on a new crochet project wich you can find on my flickr pics and embroidering a little present for somebody's birthday too. More about that later.

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Start and Stop

I started something new. no knitting, no crochet, not really a craft project actually, but something I'm struggling with and want to get rid off. I'm sure you all will understand by seeing the next picture Knipogen

zee 001

I'll try to post my progress (I hope) once a week. Keep your fingers crossed.

As the title says starting my diet, stopping (well ending, that is) my hex blanket. Only 9 more to go, weave in ends and crochet the border. I wanted to thank Lucy from Attic 24 once again for sharing the pattern to make this beauty. I'll post the details on yarn use and color as soon as it's completely finished . . .Very soon now.

zee 004

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