1 . Make some pictures of the progress on the babette and hexagon blanket

2. update the blog

3.finish the Babette

4. work on my hexagons

5. do some ironing

6. tidy up

7.walk the dog

8.book a holiday

9.do some shopping

10.stick to my diet

Well the list is made I'll do my best to get some boxes thicked off soon ; )

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Hooked ?

Yes, I think I'm hooked. After seeing all that beautifull stuff at Attic 24's blog, I got hooked and started on the hexagon blanket. I'm up to 6 of 159 hexagons.

In the meantime I also started crochetting on the Babette Blanket and it's totally addictive. I decided to make mine in different shades of Noro Kureyon. I really like how it looks.

Picture 004

Well I like how the squares look  Lachen because there is still a lot to crochet and then have to sew everything together. I'm hoping to finish the Babette by the end of March at the latest so keep posted for more pics.

This weekend I decided to try out Lucie's (Attic 24) Carrot cake. I can't compare with other carrot cakes 'cause it's the first I ever tasted, but I loved it ! The recipe is to be found here and it's easy peasy. Here's my result : I like the little touch of spring with the daffodils in the background.



Picture 008

My BF made a delicious cup of coffee with whipped milk to go with the cake and lit some candles for even more atmosphere.


Picture 010


 Life can be great!

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