A friend of mine and I went to visit the Salon Marie Claire idées with big expectations and hoping for an overload of new inspiration (as if my head isn’t already overflown with ideas).

After a quick and easy trip by Thalys and a very easy connection by subway we arrived at the exhibition hall.

The amount of exhibitors to our opinion was rather limited. We saw some nice kits but in general we weren’t too enthousiastic about the whole thing.

So we didn't take any pictures that inspired us.We did get one treasure though : this beautifull bag for FREE

tas MC

After a rather quick visit, we decided to visit downtown Paris and do some Christmas shopping @ Lafayette.

The pro’s of the visit: We returned without spending more then our budgets allowed and had a nice day out in Paris Lachen

Conclusion: You'd better visit the Cosy Cottage for inspiration and spend the money of the train and entree ticket there.

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Marie-Claire Idées vs Aiguille en Fete ! The Salon Marie-Claire Idées is not the best at all! You should go to "L'Aiguille en fête" which starts on this Thursday, it is far much better!
Isa :-)

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