Oh my how time flies

November already and Christmas is approaching rapidely.

Lots of things going on, which makes me lacking my blog. At the moment I'm counting down to some free time and a long planned visit to Paris to Marie Claire Idéés' fair on November 15th. Click on the link http://www.lesalonmarieclaireidees.com/ and read all about it.

Most of you now the magazine Marie Claire Idées and they organise a fair on an annuel base. I've been longing to go their and this year I'll finally be part of it  Lachen.

So forgive me for not posting any pictures now, but I'll do my best to get some from the fair for the next blog entree.

Furthermore, I'm spending some time at the Cosy cottage next week to finnish my Friends for Christmas quilt, as I'm hoping to hang it on the wall soon.

I'll keep you posted. See you all again soon.


PS: For those who could use some extra Christmas inspiration check out this free cross stitch pattern from Gera. ENJOY!


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