I didn't make it for an August post but, I'll try and compensate soon ; )

Summer has gone and fall is coming quickly. I've been working on a Tilda wall hanging this summer and finished it recently. This one 's for sale. If you're interested please contact me.



Furthermore, I've been making my own dishcloth. The pattern was mailed to me by Nicole Hindes and can be found online here It's easy, fun and highly addictive. What are you waiting for? Oh yes, a picture ...


I started on my first sashiko project and will be mailing some pic's soon. If you wonder about Sashiko and how to, surf to Purlbee's tutorial. You can order any supplies you might need there too.

Last but not least, as the Christmas season is getting closer and I start thinking about gifts to buy or make, I bumped into this the other day : 56-free-apron-patterns  Check it out and be inspired.There's always someone who needs a new apron for Christmas.

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