I know promises, promises. To make it up, here's the full story of what I've been up to.

It all started with swapbot and the round robin travelling journal swap, I was in. I met some great new people via internet thanks to this swap. And one of them was Mediathinker, who happens to live in Japan (Tokyo).

My journal got of track for a while and I mailed back and forth with Media to check up on things. Faith wanted it to be that I was lucky to travel to Japan and one thing lead to another. Media and I decided to meet up irl in Tokyo. In the meantime my journal arrived in Japan also.

mediaWe had a great time and of course we went shopping for the greatest stuff. I LOVE JAPAN, I love sushi and I love Japanese culture and fabric.

 It was there and than that I found the final touch to my Bathing ladies: the towel fabric

(wel, any excuse is fine to go to Japan) Knipoog 


and here they are . . .

More pictures can be found on flickr.



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