Last day of November

Last day of November and looking forward to December.

I haven't forgotten about blogging but am working my *** off to get my Tilda quilt ready for the holidays

I started to work on this last spring and it is a fun project to do but rather intencive: appliqué and embroidering. The result will be awesome though (I hope). Furthermore I'm working on some Christmas gifts and my home made knitted monkee. This weekend I'm going to put up my Christmas tree and I promise to post some pics soon of all the projects I'm working on ; ) Read you all soon.



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I proudly present...

Here she is . . . The one and only . . .  blushy cheeks and hot buns . . .


(YEEEEEEEEHhhhhhh-crowd sheers-Yeehhhhehe)


Pattern from : http://anapaulaoli.etsy.com/  The yarn I used for the body parts : Punto n°5 by Schachenmayer, the hair and shoes: Merino2000 n°436 by Lana Grossa and the dress : Bamboo n°15 by Katia. In order to make the hair I crocheted a chain and sew it on to the head. Her cheeks are made with Versa color ink (color n°57 old rose)

My Tilda books : Tilda Julehus and Tilda Christmas ornaments arrived in the mail this week. These are great books that I will be using very often.

 Also the new Christmas edition of Marie clair Idées is out. It's a French magazine with a lot of inspirational mojo and wonderfull projects to make. Like these little angels that will be hanging in my tree this Christmas if I get to making some ; ) angel

I'm working on some other projects that I will be posting about very soon.

Oh and before I forget this arrived in the mail too ; )

monkeybagMy very own Monkey bag bought at the brand new shop Of Monkeys for you by Monkeemaker. Filled with some delicious chocolates ; )

Looks like santa is coming early this year.

 CU all soon


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