I proudly present...

Here she is . . . The one and only . . .  blushy cheeks and hot buns . . .


(YEEEEEEEEHhhhhhh-crowd sheers-Yeehhhhehe)


Pattern from : http://anapaulaoli.etsy.com/  The yarn I used for the body parts : Punto n°5 by Schachenmayer, the hair and shoes: Merino2000 n°436 by Lana Grossa and the dress : Bamboo n°15 by Katia. In order to make the hair I crocheted a chain and sew it on to the head. Her cheeks are made with Versa color ink (color n°57 old rose)

My Tilda books : Tilda Julehus and Tilda Christmas ornaments arrived in the mail this week. These are great books that I will be using very often.

 Also the new Christmas edition of Marie clair Idées is out. It's a French magazine with a lot of inspirational mojo and wonderfull projects to make. Like these little angels that will be hanging in my tree this Christmas if I get to making some ; ) angel

I'm working on some other projects that I will be posting about very soon.

Oh and before I forget this arrived in the mail too ; )

monkeybagMy very own Monkey bag bought at the brand new shop Of Monkeys for you by Monkeemaker. Filled with some delicious chocolates ; )

Looks like santa is coming early this year.

 CU all soon


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Hi, I'm glad the bag got to you ok, and I so agree with you on the Belgian chocolates front!!

What a cutie your crochet doll is, and those angels look fab too :)

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