Getting back on track

Yesterday I posted out my cap For Kendal to Tracey Beach. She provided me with the pattern and it was easy and fun to make. It was the first cap/hat I ever knitted but they are rather small projects to knit so I can handle them in 2 days aprox., that is if nothing else gets in the way.

 I promised you a picture of it so here it goes : chemo

My little niece (7 years) liked it so much that she asked me to make one for her too. What else has an auntie to do Knipoog

 Might turn out as a Christmas present Verzegeld


I'm crazy about Tilda and found this great site (in French- but check out the pictures anyway if you don't speak French ) : http://tildaaddicts.canalblog.com/ and an English one : http://tildaddict.wordpress.com/ with lot's of other Tilda addicts.

craft christmas giftsI couldn't resist to order this book on Alibris (€11,83) shipping cost included. Cheaper to buy it online than to buy it in Belgium ( € 32,00) and it has some very nice sewing projects in it all Tilda wonders. I can hardly wait to see it arrive in the mail.




Finally one more picture of Barcelona. To give you an idea of who's talking here. Hasta luego. churos

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