So much to do,so little time

The title says it all. I'm involved in way too many things at the moment and I'm trying to keep up with this blog too.

How can people ever be bored, I always wonder.

Every project has been put aside for this

I read about it at  Sheep in the City's blog and felt like I could make a difference in someones life. So I skipped a few swaps and added this project in to knit at least one cap to send. If you feel like joining in please do. The more the merrier.

My little niece (7 years) spotted my finished hat (will post pictures next time) and begged me to have one of her own. So I know what to do.

Anatolia is still waiting for cheeks and some hair. The wisp is going to be a swapproject to be and I'm already thinking about my winter knitting and chunky books to come.

Besides all my plans I promise to post some pictures of wonderfull Barcelona next ime. As soon as I've prepared my Spanish class debate, done my impro training, ironed, washed my laundry,whiped the floor and done my 9 to 5,6 or 7 job .

 Like I said so much to do, so little time ; )

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