Holiday !

My crafting is slowing down a little. I made some chuncky pages and did some knitting on my wisp but most of the time is going to either : work or preparing for my little trip to Barcelona.

I'm looking forward to an exciting experience, to discover a new culture and city. But most of all I crave for some sunshine. While in Belgium we are looking into our fall wardrobe, Barcelona still has a tempting temperature of 27°C (75°F). Cool

So this weekend I'll start packing and then I'm off for some days.

But for you few readers I'll give you something to remember me LOL



 you can find more of my chunky pages by clicking on my Matroushka

CU later

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My monkees Hi, thanks for your comment on my flickr picture. Yes, I used the basic ITV Digital Monkey pattern but I mess with the mouth to make it bigger.

I have made lots of monkeys and blog about them. Good luck if you make one, and happy holiday!

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Cartes thématiques du Saguenay Lac Saint-Jean Québec Canada Hi, Good Blog !
Look from Quebec Canada

WWG :)

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