Finally I made it to scan some pics. To bad I don't have a digital camera (yet).

Here's a snapshot of my WIP wisp :


The wisp is a pattern you can find for free @ knitty. Easy to make even for a beginning knitter. There are 9 pattern rows to follow and 6 rows garter stitch. just follow the link and start knitting ; )http://www.knitty.com/ISSUEsummer07/PATTwisp.html

I've also been working on some chuncky bird pages for the swap I'm hosting @ swapbot . I'm kind off hung at these chunkcky pages they are so much fun to do. The possibilities are endless and a little more challenging than ATC's. Who doesn't love birds.



My crochetted doll is almost finished has her buns and legs sewn on. Al she needs now is some more hair, her face poudered before she will show her to you ; )



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