Out of order


 In an attempt at being more sportive and getting more excercice I hurt my right arm while inline skating. Nothing broken though, just an open wound which made it hard to do any crafting.

 So, the Knitty scarf hasn't progressed and neither has my crocheted doll. But as the wound is healing nicely I will make up for lost time soon and will be able to put some pictures of my projects online after the weekend.

If you feel like crafting yourself and love chunky pages/books, check out the Winter themed chunky book I'm hosting at the moment @ swapbot : http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/6724 The former swap hosted by Windchimes has been cancelled and I was really looking forward to making this one.

 Other Chunky swaps I'm hosting can be found here : http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/6021 (bird themed) and here: http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/6133 (Matroushka/Russian doll theme)

 If you like to receive and send Christmascards, don't forget to sign up for this swap : http://www.swap-bot.com/swap/show/6375

 Hope you will join me there. CU

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