S*itty - Knitty summer

If some of you might ever wonder what Belgium weather is like I would probably say whimsical. We've had some really nice weather last weekend-up  to 30°C but since tuesday temperatures dropped 'a little' or as much as 13.5°C. I even considered for a moment to look up my winter garment again.

But instead I found some yarn and knitting pens and casted on Knitty's Wisp.(free pattern). My version will be in lilac. Although purple tones aren't really my cup of tea I like the delicate look of it in this design. I'll try to post a picture soon.The pattern looks difficult but actually is rather simple. Great idea for a present as it knits easily and fast and looks so sophisticated.

Just heard the weather forecast for the weekend, it's warming up again, let's hope at least it won't rain.

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